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With Artie you can find your nearby friends.

Artie lets you meet people nearby, get up from the couch and out to see who's there!
Sign in, look for your friends on the map, send messages, meet new people.

Android app on Google Play

How it works:
Download the app on your phone and start the GPS: Artie will place your clone on the map and you will be visible real-time, letting you interact with others.
With Artie you're never alone. Unless you want that, you will be able to limit your visibility anytime;

No GPS on your phone?
You can always use Artie with your PC.

Do you own a company, a joint or business?
Register from your PC and show others where they can find your place. With Artie everyone will be able to reach you and be up to date on offers and events.

Once you have completed the form, add to map the places that you want to save from the menu "My Places".
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